Design for Innovation: Shaping the Future of City Transport

Project Dates

Partner Organisation

Chief Investigators
David A. Cardenas Cordova (PhD Student)

Supporting Team
Dr. Nicholas Kelly (QUT)

Dr. Leo Rezayan (QUT)

Prof. Rebekah Russell-Bennett (QUT)

Dr. Jean Sandall (TMR)

The Innovation Challenge

In recent years, the development of new means of transportation has progressively increased in Brisbane. The Brisbane Metro, the Cross River Rail, e-bikes, and e-scooters are just a few examples that demonstrate a long and continuous path of mobility innovation, which will be further intensified with the arrival of the 2032 Olympics. However, mobility is much more than just moving from one place to another; it has a significant social and behavioural aspect that need to be considered. The transportation system needs to be more inclusive, accessible, safe, efficient and reliable in order to create a better experience for all different consumers, but especially for those with disabilities, injuries, impairments or diverse cultural or linguistic background.

What Will We Do?

Through three studies, we seek to thoroughly understand the variety of passengers and/or riders, including residents and visitors, through their lived experienced and challenges using different public transport options. Along with them, we intent to create together desirable future scenarios in which they can perceive more value and trust on these services. By identifying these insights, it will be possible to make vital decisions now that can ensure a better tomorrow.

Research Design

Study 1:
  • Gather, analyse and process data that the Department of Transport and Main roads currently have about their customers, along with insights into their lived experiences and behaviours.
  • Identify desirable future scenarios in transportation envisioned by experts from within the department
Study 2:
  • Collaboratively create desirable future scenarios in conjunction with relevant customers and compare these findings with those from study 1.
  • Develop, assess and validate personas profiles and customer priorities through surveys using the TransporTalk panel.
Study 3:
  • Develop a functional prototype interface to understand the implications of design decisions on the behaviours and perceptions of the personas from study 2.