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The governance structure reflects our commitment to research, training and active engagement between our investigators, industrial growth centres and industry and government partners.

Advisory Board

The Centre will be supported by an Advisory Board comprising of diverse and experienced industry leaders as well as representatives from the leadership team. The Board will provide guidance on the strategic direction of the Centre’s research and training agendas; oversee industry engagement and outreach activities and facilitate industry networks to promote new collaborative opportunities.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee oversees the overall management, operations, and performance of the Centre. Led by the Centre Director, the Committee membership includes Centre Deputy Director, Associate Director (Research Training), Associate Director (Industry Engagement), Associate Director (Open Innovation Network), Centre Manager and Program Leads across the three collaborating research nodes. The Committee ensures the effective operation of the Centre towards its goal.

Professor Uwe Dulleck

Centre Director

Professor Jolanda Jetten

Deputy Director
The University of Queensland

Professor Rebekah Russell-Bennett

Associate Director (Research Training)

Professor Marit Kragt

Program Lead
The University of Western Australia

Professor Benno Torgler

Program Lead

Professor Brett Heyward

Associate Director (Industry Engagement)

Professor Byron Keating

Open Innovation Network

Jen Petley

Centre Manager
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