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Our Centre officially launched on Wednesday 17th May!

Photos from the event can be found here, and you can see our live updates on our social media channels below.

Resilient organisations: Investing in organisational morality to maintain a social license to operate

BEST, BITA, and the UQ School of Psychology hosted a seminar with Professor Naomi Ellemers, who argued that social impact ambitions introduce a new dimension on which organisations are evaluated, which emphasises organisational moral choices.

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How to reverse-engineer a journal article

Reverse-engineering is the process of discovering the technological principles of a device, object, or system through analysis of its structure, function and operation. When applied to journal articles, thesis or even a grant application, this means identifying the style and form of the manuscript in such a way that the style and form can be used to inform the design of your own article. On October 18th, Prof. Rebekah Russell-Bennett, Co-Director of the Centre of Behavioural Economics, Society and Technology held a presentation to discuss the steps to reverse-engineering a journal article. Rebekah is the senior co-editor of the Journal of Services Marketing (Q1/A ranked) with over 250 peer-reviewed journals and conference papers.

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