Program 1 – Research Projects

Conception and design of innovative technology

Program Leads:
Professor Rebekah Russell-Bennett
Professor Jolanda Jetten

Innovations when adoption decisions are made by teams

Successful adoption of innovation in health often requires not only decisions of individuals but agreement of whole (OR) teams. This project studies the necessary aspects of the design of new innovations to make uptake by teams in health more likely, in this particular case the focus will be on the use of robotics in health contexts.

Using data interfaces to increase trust and integrity of new technologies

Livestock Pricing and Clear Grain Exchange are developing technologies that allow farmers to sell products directly to buyers through an online platform. Smart Paddock is developing technologies to innovate the way livestock herds are managed, to reduce costs and increase livestock health and wellbeing. This project assesses how these new technologies should be designed to meet end-user needs and how we can ensure trust and integrity of new technologies to increase uptake.

The relationship of digital interfaces for cybersafety, trust and digital decision making

More and more organisations and services can only be contacted or interacted with via digital interfaces. Trust in these interfaces affect users’ wellbeing. This project analyses the crucial aspects of such interfaces to ensure that customers accept the interface and use it in a safe and intended manner.

The role of context in co-designing innovative technologies

Co-design is known to reduce barriers to adoption of innovation however co-design can be contextually bounded based on the skills and competencies of participants. This project will identify the role that different contextual factors play in influencing creativity, risk perceptions and outcomes of co-designing of innovative technologies.