Our Research

Our Research

Our research focuses on behavioural barriers to the adoption and diffusion of innovative technologies, and addresses challenges at each stage of the innovation process.

Our Priorities

The Training Centre identified the following priorities for decision makers, intermediaries and end-users:

Our Programs

The Centre will support these priorities through integrated research programs mapped to the three key stages of the innovation development process – design, market translation, and evaluation of innovative technology. These programs have been designed to maximise collaboration between industry growth centres, industry partners and researchers located across participating universities.

Conception and design of innovative technology

Program 1 addresses the challenges of breaking habits and path dependencies. The goal is to better understand and improve the process of innovation development.

Market translation of innovative technology

Program 2 addresses the challenges of acceptance or resistance to technology innovation amongst end-users. The goal is to develop translation tools and strategies to overcome barriers to uptake.

Evaluation of effective innovation adoption

Program 3 evaluates adoption success and addresses its challenges. The program will define barriers to innovation adoption, develop data capture and analysis techniques and prediction models.